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Alpha Wax becomes part of Awax Group

Awax, the European market leader in the production of specialty waxes, announces the acquisition of Alpha Wax, the number 1 wax distributor in Europe and North America. “Both companies have a shared vision of problem-solving and innovation,” says Giuseppe Ambroggio, CEO and founder of Awax. “Our operational excellence and Alpha Wax’s focus on customer intimacy makes for a perfect combination”. Meer →

The best alternative: AO Wax (aka Shell Neodene 26+)

10 September 2019

The best alternative: AO Wax

Over the past decade, the global wax supply has changed dramatically. As a result of increased global demand for higher quality engine oils, many oil refineries have closed down their traditional lubricant base oil plants or converted them to newer technologies. This has not only had an impact on the supply of base oils but has also resulted in much less wax being produced than before.

As a result, many wax customers have actively sought alternative raw materials for the production of their candles, chipboard, coatings and other products. Hardened vegetable oils, such as palm or soya, or even animal fats have become popular alternatives for some applications. In addition, there has recently been increasing talk of a possible new (but old) alternative from China: wax produced from coal using the Fischer-Tropsch method.

For a number of applications, these alternatives are well suited to meet a technical need and can also be commercially interesting. However, these alternative raw materials also have a major disadvantage in common.

Admittedly, we do not work in the most environmentally friendly industry.

According to research done by the European Commission, when the effects of deforestation, forest fires and the loss of peat soil are taken into account, the production of vegetable oils emits up to three times more greenhouse gases than the production from crude oil. Not surprisingly, the European Parliament decided last year to ban palm oil for biofuels as from 2021. This certainly does not only apply to palm oil: the many forest fires that are ravaging the Brazilian Amazon today make it painfully clear that rainforests must also make way for the production of soya here.

When coal is used to produce oil products, such as gasoline and wax, the CO2 emission is no less than 2 times higher than if these products were produced from crude oil in the conventional way #). In addition, for every liter produced from coal, more than 10 liters of fresh water is needed. Many authorities wonder how it is possible that the Chinese government has granted licenses for the construction of these mega-plants, while at the same time working hard to achieve their climate goals.

This raises the question whether even better alternatives to the petroleum wax are not available.

At the beginning of this year, Shell completed a major expansion of its Alpha-Olefins plant in Geismar, Louisiana, USA. Alpha-Olefins are key ingredients in products that people use on a daily basis, such as detergents, lubricants and hand soaps. Since this summer, an Alpha-Olefin (AO) with a longer molecular structure is also available, making it very suitable as an alternative to traditional waxes in many applications. This synthetic wax is of a very constant quality with a perfect linear structure. It is white in color, has good water-repellent properties and is locally well available in the long term. Last but not least, this AO wax is competitively priced. And no, honestly it is not green, but greener than all other alternatives.

In pure form this product is offered by us under the name: Neodene 26+. Alpha Wax has also developed a number of blends based on this new AO Wax and these are offered under the name: Carisma (EU) and Pomona (US). All technical specifications can be found on our website: .

#) Data from research: Mantripragada/Rubin – Carnegie University. As suppliers of Fischer-Tropsch wax we hurry to mention that it is not so much the production method itself, but rather the basic raw material coal. If natural gas were to be used instead of coal, the emission of ‘well to wheel’ would be more or less comparable to that of crude oil production

Alpha Wax USA opens a new office in Houston

Alpha Wax USA, corp. is proud to announce the opening of a new office in Houston this week.

“I’m very excited to see the Alpha Wax office open. It demonstrates Alpha Wax’ commitment to growth and expansion,” commented Arjan Sjardijn, Global Sales Director.

As of June 1st 2018, Alpha Wax USA was appointed as an authorized distributor of Shell Wax Products in the USA.

“We are excited! This new office will enable us to support the Shell Wax business and to respond effectively to the growing needs of our varied customers willing to implement the Shell waxes and our tailor made blending solutions in their business. The opening will be a great place to meet prospects, deliver high quality waxes and build credibility for the business opportunities that Alpha Wax offers”, Sjardijn concluded.

The new company address is: Alpha Wax USA, 708 Main Street, Suite 06-100, Houston, TX 77002, USA. Telephone: (346) 299-5500.

EU says No to Palm Oil for Biofuels. Candles will be next.

The European Parliament decided to phase-out the use of Palm Oil in transport fuels by 2021.
EU lawmakers also decided to cap other crop-based biofuels, such as soy and rapeseed, at the 2017 consumption levels until a complete ban on the use of vegetable oils in transport fuels by 2030.

Although environmentalists agree that plant-based fuels burn cleaner at the pipe, the concerns over biofuels’ ties to environmental destruction, human rights violations and impact on food prices have dampened the enthusiasm over what was once seen as a viable alternative to fossil fuels.

Biodiesel from virgin vegetable oil leads to around 80% higher emissions than the fossil diesel it replaces, when accounting for the loss of carbon sinks such as peat lands, paired with the destruction of forests. Palm Oil has the highest greenhouse gas emissions of all the sources of biofuel for transport.

Europe might be a frontrunner, but a similar movement could happen in the US where the Renewable Fuel Standard program has resulted in a surge of biofuels from corn and soy. The rationale of this program was that biofuels would be cleaner and reduce the need for foreign oil. However, this program also helped to ignite a food-versus-fuel debate as opponents say land could be used to grow food instead of crops.

At Alpha Wax, we estimate that the EU ban on Palm Oil will have the same consequences for the use of hydrogenated vegetable oils in candles, sooner or later. Already today, we see an increasing number of candle makers opposed to the use of Palm, Soy or Rapeseed (Canola) as a raw material for their candles for environmental and social ethical reasons, despite that vegetable feedstock can yield favourable pricing.

To facilitate this trend, Alpha Wax has developed a selection of high quality, tailor made wax blends for the production of glass-filled and stand-alone candles, free of any vegetable or animal fat ingredients. These wax blends contain only the newest and most innovative synthetic waxes available, resulting in maximum performance.

You can find these waxes on our Products Page under Carisma Jar T02, T06 or T08, or contact our Sales Department for further details.

Joe Lasaponara and Lindsey Barnes join Alpha Wax USA, Corporation

We are pleased to announce that effective January 1st, 2018 Joe Lasaponara will join Alpha Wax as a Sales & Business Development Manager at Alpha Wax USA.

Joe has amassed over twenty years of experience selling specialty and commodity chemicals to a variety of markets (Imaging, Coatings, Plastics, Personal Care, Adhesives, Wax Blenders and Lubricants) from several positions for various companies in the USA, including: Ajinomoto, Baker Hughes and Koster Keunen.

Joe’s experience will enhance our growing sales team and market presence in the United States. He will be working from his home office in New York and can be contacted regarding our wax products at: .

Additionally, industry veteran Lindsey Barnes has joined the Alpha Wax USA team.

Lindsey, who has joined our team in December as our Product Development Manager, brings his technical knowledge and skill to enhance our team’s ability to custom formulate for the North American market.

With almost 40 years of experience in waxes, Lindsey has extended knowledge of wax production, blending and processing. He gained expertise at the Bareco division of Petrolite (now Baker) and as Technical Director at Citgo and Masterank.

At Alpha Wax USA Lindsey will be responsible for developing tailor made blends for customers and optimizing production at our wax storage and blending facility in New Orleans.

Lindsey will be working from his home office in Beaumont and can be contacted at: .

Please join us in wishing Joe and Lindsey all the best and every success in their new positions.

We can offer Shell Slackwaxes again!

Three years ago, we had to unfortunately inform everyone that the Shell base oil plant in Pernis (Rotterdam) would shut down beginning January 2016. A direct consequence of this closure was that not only were there no base oils anymore, but the production of the Shell Slackwaxes (SPO,LMO,MMO) and Shell Microwaxes (LMP,MMP,HMP) would also come to an end. Naturally, this was a big shock for us and for all our customers.

However, as of this week our situation has changed and the world suddenly looks very different! Over the last two years Shell has invested in their base oil plant in Bukom (Singapore), which has resulted in the availability of Slackwaxes (SPO,LMO) from this location. The great news is, the quality of these products will be exactly the same as before and volumes are guaranteed for long term.

Shell has chosen and appointed Alpha Wax as the distributor of these Slackwaxes in Europe and the United States. As of the 1st of Juli we can offer you SPO and LMO from our tank terminals in Rotterdam and Houston. As you can imagine, we cannot wait to contact you and inform you of this great news!

We will make America great again!

We are expanding our wax activities in the American market and have hired Lisa Hunt to help us with our endeavors. With her extended experience and knowledge of the wax market, Lisa is a valuable asset to our team.

She will be responsible for the sales of our waxes from our diverse portfolio but will also be accountable for product development in the United States. As a result, we will be able to offer you a wide range of high quality waxes, ranging from standard products to specially developed blends specifically for your application, while continuously maintaining high standards.

Our portfolio consists of: Slackwaxes, FT Paraffin waxes and Microcrystalline waxes. All of these waxes are available in liquid bulk from our tank storage and blending facility in Houston. The majority of our waxes will also be available in packed form.

Because of this we can say with certainty and a humble dose of pride: We will make America great again!

Alpha Wax at European Coatings Show, Nuremberg

Alpha Wax will attend this year’s edition of the European Coatings Show, which will be held 4 – 6 April 2017 in Nuremberg, Germany.

During this international gathering of the coatings and paint industry Alpha Wax will launch its brand new product line of high quality microcrystalline waxes.

Besides this exclusive range of microwaxes we will also present our full range of: Shell FT waxes, Trecora Polyethylene Waxes and our customised wax blends for the coatings industry under the name of Carisma Wax.

Please meet our people and visit our stand 272 in Hall 4.

Alpha Wax appointed as Distributor for Trecora Chemical Polyethylene waxes in Europe

Trecora Chemical Inc, a producer of Polyethylene waxes based in Pasadena, Texas, USA has appointed Alpha Wax as its distributor in Europe. The addition of the Polyethylene waxes will complement our current wax offerings to the market and enable us to better serve the needs of our customer base.

“We are delighted to enter this new partnership with Trecora Chemicals,” Dick Haan, CEO of Alpha Wax BV, stated. “Trecora’s outstanding range of high quality products and their customer oriented approach fits in perfectly well with our mission to provide the maximum and the most flexible service to European end-users of waxes.”

“Alpha Wax is perfectly equipped to expand our reach in Europe and enable us to gain access into key wax markets,” Peter Loggenberg, President of Trecora Chemical Inc said. “Alpha Wax has a great reputation in the wax market as a company focused on customer satisfaction and we look forward to growing our business together.”

You will find a complete overview of these high quality Polyethylene Waxes here

Send a Cow with Alpha Wax

11 December 2014

Send a Cow with Alpha Wax

As you know, Alpha Wax has been an ambassador for Oxfam NOVIB for many years. This organization offers micro financing loans to thousands of new entrepreneurs in developing countries. During 2013 Alpha Wax visited a number of projects run in Uganda. We were able to see with our own eyes how effective and direct the organization’s programs really are.

At the end of last year we thanked our customers and other partners for their support and trust in our company by giving them a cow. Well, not directly, we gave these cows away on behalf of our good partners to farmers in Uganda. After all, entrepreneurs should support one another, right? By doing so, we were able to help 250 farmers and their families. These cows namely, allowed the farmers to generate a sustainable income to buy food and clothing for their families, to send their children to school, expand their businesses and to build up a brighter future.

Because this action was such a big success we decided to do it again this year. On behalf of the whole team at Alpha Wax, we wish all of you, including the beautiful people in Uganda, a wonderful New Year.