Alpha Wax USA

December 2014

Send a Cow with Alpha Wax

*As you know, Alpha Wax has been an ambassador for Oxfam NOVIB for many years. This organization offers micro financing loans to thousands of new entrepreneurs in developing countries. During 2013 Alpha Wax visited a number of projects run in Uganda. We were able to see with our own eyes how effective and direct the organization’s programs really are.

At the end of last year we thanked our customers and other partners for their support and trust in our company by giving them a cow. Well, not directly, we gave these cows away on behalf of our good partners to farmers in Uganda. After all, entrepreneurs should support one another, right? By doing so, we were able to help 250 farmers and their families. These cows namely, allowed the farmers to generate a sustainable income to buy food and clothing for their families, to send their children to school, expand their businesses and to build up a brighter future.

Because this action was such a big success we decided to do it again this year. On behalf of the whole team at Alpha Wax, we wish all of you, including the beautiful people in Uganda, a wonderful New Year.*