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Waxes are used most frequently in the candle-making industry all over the world. This means that Alpha Wax has been a major supplier to European candle makers for many years too.

Alpha Wax has developed a top-quality line of paraffin wax specialities for the candle-making industry, in close cooperation with suppliers of wicks, colours, perfumes and machines.

We have exactly the right kind of paraffin wax for you, no matter whether your speciality is candle extrusion, moulding, dipping, pressing or filling.


Specialty blend of Paraffin Wax – Congealing Point 133 -136 °F for Moulded and Pressed Candles

Shell Neodene 26+

Synthetic Wax Congealing Point 135 – 140 °F, Penetration 11 – 15

Shell Sarawax SX50

Synthetic Paraffin Wax – Congealing Point 126 – 133 °F for Tea Lights, Grave Lights and as blending component for Candles and Wax emulsions

Shell Slack Wax SPO

Slackwax – Congealing Point 113 – 131 °F – Max Oil Content: 20%

POMONA Micro Wax 145M

White Microcrystalline Wax – Congealing Point 144 – 151°C – Low Oil Content

POMONA Micro Wax 153M

White Microcrystalline Wax – Congealingpoint: 147- 160 °F

POMONA Micro Wax 160M

White Microcrystalline Wax – Congealingpoint: 160- 167 °F

POMONA Slack Wax 140S

Slackwax – Congealing Point 129 – 142 °F – Max Oil Content: 35%

POMONA Slack Wax 154S

Slackwax – Congealing Point 151 – 158 °F – Oil Content: 10 – 16 %