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Products / Chewing Gum

Alpha Wax supplies paraffin and microcrystalline waxes that conform to the most stringent requirements set by international food and consumer product safety legislation.

These waxes give chewing gum structure, as well as just that little extra bite. Or they can be used to preserve cheese and fruit. Another major use for these top-quality waxes is flexible packaging for vegetables, bread, meat and sweets.

POMONA Micro Wax 145M

White Microcrystalline Wax – Congealing Point 144 – 151°C – Low Oil Content

POMONA Micro Wax 153M

White Microcrystalline Wax – Congealingpoint: 147- 160 °F

POMONA Micro Wax 160M

White Microcrystalline Wax – Congealingpoint: 160- 167 °F

POMONA Micro Wax 185M

White Microcrystalline Wax – Congealing Point 183-190°F – Low Oil Content