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The high quality and excellent consistency of all the Shell waxes mean that these products are ideally suitable for use in the rubber, ink, PVC, coatings and hot-melt adhesive industries.

Here’s a good example. The Shell Sarawax SX70, which Shell manufactures from natural gas, is an exceptionally consistent and reliable product that can be used for the most precise applications due to its linear molecular structure and narrow molecular weight distribution.


Specialty blend of Paraffin Wax – Congealing Point 133 -136 °F for Moulded and Pressed Candles

Shell Sarawax SX70

Synthetic Paraffin Wax – Congealing Point 154-162 °F

POMONA Micro Wax 185M

White Microcrystalline Wax – Congealing Point 183-190°F – Low Oil Content