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Alpha Wax offers a complete range of microcrystalline waxes. These microcrystalline waxes are of the very best quality with respect to odour, colour, oil content and consistency. All types have been approved for food and pharmaceutical use.

Among other factors, this top quality means that microcrystalline waxes can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Thanks to its efficient oil-binding properties, Pomona Micro Wax 145M/153M are ideally suitable for use in the manufacture of Vaseline and cosmetics, as well as for chewing gum or candles. Pomona Micro Wax 185M is used in the manufacture of hot-melt adhesives and PVC.

Microcrystalline waxes are available ready packaged, in slab or granule form, and can also be supplied heated in liquid form.

Alpha Wax also offers a wide variety of slack waxes for all kinds of uses. We can make customised blends of slack waxes and other types of wax if you wish.

Slack waxes are supplied (heated) in liquid form.

Shell Slack Wax LMO

Slackwax – Congealing Point 126- 144 °F – Max Oil Content: 28%

Shell Slack Wax SPO

Slackwax – Congealing Point 113 – 131 °F – Max Oil Content: 20%

POMONA Micro Wax 145M

White Microcrystalline Wax – Congealing Point 144 – 151°C – Low Oil Content

POMONA Micro Wax 153M

White Microcrystalline Wax – Congealingpoint: 147- 160 °F

POMONA Micro Wax 160M

White Microcrystalline Wax – Congealingpoint: 160- 167 °F

POMONA Micro Wax 185M

White Microcrystalline Wax – Congealing Point 183-190°F – Low Oil Content

POMONA Slack Wax 140S

Slackwax – Congealing Point 129 – 142 °F – Max Oil Content: 35%

POMONA Slack Wax 154S

Slackwax – Congealing Point 151 – 158 °F – Oil Content: 10 – 16 %